Farakaraina & Masoala

Masoala National Park is a national park created in 1997, north-east of Madagascar, in the province of Diego-Suarez on the granite Masoala peninsula. It is the largest of the island’s protected areas with its 235,000 ha of tropical rain forest. The park was created to manage, protect and restore the Malagasy natural heritage which is […]

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Birding tour!!!

Are you going alone, with family or friends? Adventure and thrill seekers, or looking for the perfect relaxing break, beaches and discovery walks? Madagascar is the island of all possibilities, and many tour operators and travel agencies offer stays tailored to your expectations, with circuits allowing you to personalize your trip and discover all the […]

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With its 1,000 hectares of protected area, the Berenty estate hosts several reserves, including one devoted to lemurs belonging to the rarest species. A true nature sanctuary a stone’s throw from Fort-Dauphin.

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Bordered by sandy beaches, a turquoise sea and an exceptionally rich natural reserve, Anjajavy is the purest reflection of this country of untouchable beauty and legendary hospitality, which bears the magic name from Madagascar.

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Sainte marie

Sainte-Marie Island, formerly named Nosy-Ibrahim and now in Malagasy Nosy Boraha, is an island located northeast of Fenoarivo Atsinanana (Analanjirofo region) opposite Soanierana Ivongo from which it is separated by a channel 30 km (16 miles) wide. It is, with Diego Suarez and the island of Nosy Be, one of the three former French establishments […]

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